Gebka Construction

Who we are.

We are a family firm who have been renovating buildings and flats in Edinburgh for a few years now.

Whatwe do.

We do most building work, such as wall building and repairs, pointing, foundation laying and also underpinning. Also, roofing, guttering, drainage work, plastering, joinery, glazing, plumbing, cable laying and wiring preparation for electrician’s fit,

Painting, kitchen and bathroom fitting, tiling, carpeting cleaning, patio and driveway laying, monobloc and slabbing, tree cutting, gardening, furniture removal and delivery, and general maintenance. Recently we have been asked to install bathrooms and shower rooms with marble tiling, so that we have become very proficient.

Where we have worked.

In the old town, including two complete flat restorations in the Grassmarket, with the installation of marble bathrooms, restoration of Georgian windows, laying of oak floors and iroko panelling.

In Newington, a complete flat renovation, including underpinning work to structural engineer and architect’s supervision. First company in Edinburgh to use BionicPore damp proofing plaster. Marble shower-room.

Another Newington flat renovation with installation of luxury kitchen.

In the New Town upgrading of a luxury town flat.

Merchiston family house installation of guest showerroom.

Marchmont flat renovation, marble bathroom.

Morningside house redecoration, kitchen renovation, two bathrooms renovated with luxury fittings and marble surfaces.

Morningside house bathroom installation, plumbing work and pathway slabbing.

Polwarth flat, complete renovation of family flat.

Blackford kitchen, walls and flooring upgrade in a distinguished house.

Recent Work

We are also currently involved in the conversion of a small traditional Scottish byre, that had seen better days. This will very soon be a two storey modern family home, and yet retain the strong appearance of an old stone building.

Contact Information

If you would like to discuss a project with us or obtain references or advice, I will be pleased to talk with you. Please email with questions or phone me.

Miro Gebka Principal Partner.

Mobile 079 3333 2652